Rev. Karen Weingard

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July 26, 2012

AS I inhale and exhale LOVE, I know that divine spiritual resuscitation is taking place continuously.  I am reminded that God is fueling me with radical love, compassion and forgiveness..  As I remain spacious I celebrate a deep sense of God’s  grace which flows through me  and opens me to the universal truth of our Oneness in God..
It is from this profound place of being filled and fulfilled that I speak 
this word so assured,  that in the eyes of each being there is a spark of divine light which leads every  soul out of any darkness, fear or  mistrust.  I accept the Love that gives birth to the radiance in each being and I know that their essence is a a dynamic and unbroken whole. I see that each individual , each center, each teaching chapter as well as the Asilomar Gathering of Love’s Connection,  is a facet in the multi-faceted jewel of God’s love and Joy.  I know that the brilliance of one facet doesn’t interfere with the splendor of another but adds to it in both intensity and illumination.

I allow the spiritual river to flow through me  and I can feel the emergence of the qualities of God being enlivened.  There is a divine dance occurring and each and every being is taking part in the collaboration of Spirit.  
I am more  aware, that our words can be weapons and our judgements and negativity can be the artillery that we it is in this consciousness that I dclare a profound  Truce from anything that moves us away from our true nature...which is LOVE>! ...

I accept the grief that accompanies loss,  knowing that it moves me into an even deeper appreciation of each and every  moment...

In gratitude I call forward the courage to hold our innocence and to embrace, empower and express the profound peace and embodiment of LOVE  that lies with us.

I am privileged to speak and to release  this word as I  accept for each of  us a faith that is non-negotiable,  and a trust that stretches our Hearts Horizons..

 I surround everyone that may be moving through loss of any kind with Love and tenderness ..And as I move into the silence,  I God’s Grace.

And So It Is.....

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